Why Another Brand?

This is the most pressing question for us.

We know the world has no need for new things to consume. The planet’s resources have already been pushed too far. Our lives are filled with single and short-use items, with profits from their production going to a small number of people. Inequality and the climate crisis are snowballing out of control and the garment industry’s contribution to both is shameful.

So, why can we stand behind ANDEL? We have both the argument and solutions.

We believe we can present new design practices that utilise pre-existing materials and renewable alternatives. These processes will work to both shorten our supply chains and innovate. Andel keeps functionality and the interest of all involved (especially the planet) in sharp focus.

Our developments are produced using the plentiful pre-existing materials available to us, along with renewable alternatives. We are developing our own waste-based solutions, eradicating the need to invest in virgin materials. By sharing our processes and developments, we aim to educate. 

We operate under a democratic cooperative structure, with equal ownership of the company as a whole and the fair distribution of profit. Each employee has one share and one vote. Our aim is to continue to scale this model to ultimately include all involved in the production process. 

We will design collections with natural progression from one collection to the next, rather than reproducing similar iterations of the same garment. This will discourage overconsumption. 

Our clothes are made to be durable, functional and designed to adapt to your day, week and life. 

We are by no means perfect and don’t have all the answers yet; but without trying we have already lost. 

We want to prove that by combining new technology with existing resources, conscientious manufacturing and craftsmanship, we can bring much needed change to the industry. 

We are aware of the power of fashion and will use it as our platform to communicate alternative solutions, working to disrupt the current system and start a new conversation.