ANDEL is a clothing brand cooperative established in 2021 by Oscar Miles, Peter Dupont and Weronika Banas. Coming from different areas of the industry, we have established a creative alliance which aims to produce collectable pieces which have minimal environmental impact, in keeping with our ethos.

“Sustainability” and “ethical” are ubiquitous words right now. But at ANDEL, we’re putting these words into practice.

For our debut collection launching on the 24th of January 2022 we have created new solutions to longstanding problems in fashion production. As well as repurposing existing fabrics, we have developed a material which uses only by-products and are in the process of establishing a lab to continue our research and innovation.

  • All our goods are manufactured by highly skilled workers who are paid fairly at a socially engaged factory in Scandinavia.

  • Our company is a cooperative with all employees owning an equal share and having an equal say, forming a truly democratic structure.

  • No new fossil fuels or virgin plastics are involved in the making of our products.

  • All our fabrics are low impact, having been up-cycled, sourced from deadstock or produced locally.

  • We believe the key to a leaner and greener fashion industry is transparency, which is why we clearly communicate how our goods are produced and where we source materials.

  • We are currently making our clothes in small quantities, with the view to eradicating excess production altogether by making to order. Our production model is fully scalable.

Our clothes are designed to be worn by everyone.
Weronika Banas
Weronika combines creativity and science to develop clean technologies and innovative new solutions for the Design and Fashion Industries. Fulbright Scholar, Absolvent of Michelangelo Foundation, Young Ambassador Programme, Guest Lecturer at Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics and Research Assistant at Healthy Material Lab in New York.
Oscar Miles
After training in Fashion Design at Westminster, Oscar has worked across the fashion industry, primarily in casting. His focus at ANDEL is balancing ethically and environmentally sound practice with quality design.
Peter Dupont
Prior to working as a model Peter studied Geography and Weather/ Climate science (with a focus on city adaptation to climate change) at the University of Copenhagen.